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To Whom It May Concern:

I have been working for over a year myself  on the long term goal of identifying a couple Long Term Care facilities in the Tucson. AZ market to put my daughters in a position to know ahead of time which ones I wanted to use before the need arose.  I wanted to find a person to help me that had substantial experience in this industry within the Tucson greater metropolitan area.    A person, Cecil Rinker, has been recommended to me and I have enjoyed the expertise of Mr. Rinker a great deal.

Cecil, as he desires to be called, first met with me to discuss my needs and my knowledge/experience to date.  It was then that I recognized one of his fantastic personal traits….he listens!!  He sincerely wanted to learn what I knew about the Senior Care market in Tucson.  I had developed a spreadsheet of facilities including each of their evaluations by various rating agencies.  He was interested in the background material and where I had netted out on competitive facilities before he even started talking.  Impressive.

Then, since Cecil has a 25 year background in Senior Care Housing in Tucson, he was able to describe in a lot of detail his experiences and accumulated knowledge.  He worked and managed in several of the facilities currently in the market.  His knowledge was extensive.  For example he knew which facilities had over several years continued to reduce their overhead by in part reducing the pay of their employees creating  resignations and hiring cheaper less skilled people.  This resulted in far less people in general in terms of employees to patient’s ratio which implied less care and less expertise in care with more junior/lower paid people.  He also knew most of food service areas in the facilities and the longevity of Chefs.  And, he knew a lot about which facilities were investing in capital projects to improve the appearance and operation of the facilities.   He knew a lot about almost all facilities, but when he did not know he was forthright about it.

Some idea of the impact and breadth of his impact on the facilities in which he worked or managed was the sincere emotion in which he was received by many of his ex-employees and acquaintances is the fever he was received.  It was not unusual in many of the facilities we visited to have people, both employees and patients, come up to him and shake his hand or hug him.  To me this was the sincerest form of respect that could happen.  It demonstrated the breadth of his knowledge as well as his ability to keep current on the Tucson Senior Care Industry.  And, when I eventually take residence in one of these facilities, the employees knowing I was referenced by Cecil would be a good thing.

Thinking about the way Cecil operates:  he takes responsibility for making the visitation appointments after checking with me in terms of what at that facility I want to see.  He is always prompt and usually  ahead  of time to personally pick me up to make the visitation; he, during the visitation will keep the discussion/tour on track with our objectives we had  discussed; he will intercede during the tour with facts/information he  knows from the past that makes sense for me to know  (one example is that in one facility the licensed nurses on duty was far greater than any of the other facilities, and another was the longevity of the employees longer than others).  He does this cordially and smoothly so as not to embarrass the employee giving the tour.

Cecil does not get paid by the clientele he assists.  He is paid by the individual Senior Care Facilities.  He does not get paid until the client signs a contract to use a facility.  That was amazing to me.  He puts in a lot of time and car miles during the process to identify and visit the facilities the client wants to see and/or he recommends.   And, he does this in a “mood, tone, manner” that is extremely pleasant, never rushed and always insightful.  Anyone that has interest in the Tucson Senior Care market would benefit majorly by using him in their investigation…..I personally highly recommend him!!  I would be glad to discuss or answer any questions about my search activity with Cecil

Ewing Jones, retired

Former, Director of Corporate 

Marketing Research Kraft Foods


I have worked with Cecil Rinker for over three years and cannot praise him enough for his knowledge of senior living nationwide and his detailed knowledge of senior communities in Arizona. Cecil has established senior communities, run them, consulted to them and monitored them. But what’s equally or even more important is that he is truly empathic with both seniors and their families. I found Old Pueblo on an internet search when looking for an affordable community in Arizona for my parents who needed both independent senior living and assisted living in the same apartment. They had to move from California, where they had lived all their lives, to a less expensive location. Then when my Dad passed, I needed to move my Mom to a higher level of care and again worked with Cecil. Both of these placements were challenging in many different ways, but Cecil worked magic! Even more, he stayed in touch with my parents after they moved and still keeps in touch with my mother. DO NOT compare Cecil Rinker and Old Pueblo Placement to one of the many franchised senior placement companies. He is truly a consultant for your individual needs rather than a computerized directory service. Our family was blessed to find this man, and your family will be too!



Many thanks for the time you invested in helping us find a place for Tom.  Your calls to check on our progress regarding his placement were appreciated.  He is settled into his new apartment and we are truly grateful.

In Appreciation,



Cecil Rinker is a consultant in the relocation of senior citizens into various health care levels and settings.  Cecil is highly experienced and qualitied in his field.  He is a sensitive, caring man who is well-placed in the industry.

Cecil is a quick-study in working with people.  He immediately picks up on needs both expressed and unexpressed and is aware of personalities and clues both overt and subtle.  He does not need to be told something twice.

We were first introduced to Cecil through another member of his profession – always a plus.  When we were visiting a retirement community, I expressed an interest in retaining a consultant to continue our search.  The marketing director of the community we were visiting immediately identified Cecil for our consideration.  She had worked for him when he was an operations director at Leisure Care and has known him for many years.  Her recommendation turned out to be just right for us.  He listened carefully to us, identified a reasonable number of communities for us to visit, and helped identify how they variously met our current and future needs.  He was always professional, neutral and supportive.  The location we chose would never have been on our radar.  Cecil made the difference.

We recommend Cecil without qualification both for individual continuing care placements as well as management, training and leadership in the industry.   He is an effective and sensitive leader as well as a very fine person.  We would be most happy to respond to individual inquiries about him.

Ruth and Donald                                                                

I called Old Pueblo Placement Services when I needed to find a place for my 84 year old Mother who suffers from Alzheimers. Cecil helped me to not only find the perfect adult care home in a lovely neighborhood with wonderful caregivers, he became a resource helping us get her house listed with a great real estate agent. He even recommended movers that specialize in moving seniors who handled the move in one day. Thank you so much Old Pueblo Placement Services for all your help.



I wanted to tell you what a pleasant experience it was working with Old Pueblo Placement Services to find a place for my mother-in-law. This was not an easy task, as I did not know what level of care my mother-in-law required. You took me to several places and helped me ask the right questions. This was uncharted waters for me and there is a lot of things to think about. Thank you so much for being patient with me, giving me wonderful advice, and ultimately helping us find the right place. My mother-in-law has thrived since we placed her and this couldn’t have been possible without your helpful advice and caring nature.

Thank you so much!!!


I can't thank you enough for the help and support that you gave us. You two are wonderful for what you do and we are lucky to have you both in our community doing what you do. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."


Laurie E.

We appreciate Old Pueblo Placement Services in helping us find a memory care unit for our 94 year old father. We visited nearly a dozen facilities until we found Catalina Springs and their wonderful programs. Laure and Cecil were patient, caring, and knowledgable. They treated the importance of finding the perfect place for our father as if he was their parent.

Thank you very much,

Diane, Elaine, and Barbara


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